yay! no more ads…

so, i broke down again and spent the $30 to eliminate adds on my blog. i had this option before but in recent budget cuts i had to reduce expenses. i credit you my readers and customers of shibori and online classes with providing me with the funds to restore this much loved option.

i thank you.

with all the writing about shibori and indigo that goes on here i end up feeling a little taken advantage of when i see ads appear on my blog by those whose policies and intentions do not fit my own. such is the way of the internet. but thank you wordpress for offering this service even if i now have to pay for it (in the early days, it was free).

i feel freer and better now. onward. without ads.

here is a quick slideshow of the few photos i took at the JANM Workshop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

18 thoughts on “yay! no more ads…

  1. Jennifer Cooper

    Thanks for caring so much for your blog readers. I totally appreciate you NO ADS site. Thank you.

    The 8 sided star piece / square of indigo itajime, is beautiful. Any hints as to a how to? what size is it? is it for sale?

    Jennifer Cooper


  2. Llinda Spreen

    Hi My husband, Barry, and I signed up for the mandala workshop and paid via pay pal and I just wanted to make sure you received our reservation. Linda Spreen


  3. Liz Deck ~Soleo's Grammie

    this is a much anticipated dye workshop!
    i am leaving for a two week trip~ hope I have enough time to gather materials when I return!


  4. aracne

    The JANM is one of the museum I most like and one that I do not fail to visit when I come to LA. And a workshop with you is on my wish list.
    Congratulations on this workshop, it seemsthat it was a great success.



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