a new face on balance

what if the moon engendered balance? what if it did. or does?

i can hardly believe this post was 2 years ago!

i am still thinking the same thing. just putting a different face on it.

ever since i was a little girl i have looked for that face in the moon.

12 thoughts on “a new face on balance

  1. Ann

    I enjoy your fascination with the moon. I’m always aware of where the moon is in it’s cycle – even through the many overcast nights we’ve been having. Getting a glimpse of it now and then makes me smile. It’s like a little gift that many folk never notice.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    i like the moon, its beauty, the various phases and faces. its all embracing nature, no matter where on this earth we are.

    i won’t be arriving in UT until the 5th so might not see you- but we will be making some new moon friends there…
    enjoy session one of the high desert silk experience ann-


  3. helen salo

    Agree with Jude, GREAT! put me on the list if you make some for sale, I’m a big yin/yang person. TRY to put balance to my life:)



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