slowing down and wondering

anticipating the early morning eclipse (a full moon too), i spent the last couple of days working on moons and wondering how it will appear to us here. NASA explains that the red color is a result of dust in earth’s atmosphere and that additionally a slim turquoise edge may appear towards the beginning of the eclipse.

only the shadow knows...

my head is filled with moon making, moon shadows, moon dances, i’m just plain over the moon…
AND, i finally updated the shop with moons and eclipses.

over the moon

and wouldn’t you know it? as i was working, a star appeared. it was on its way to becoming, something else

i think we’ll take the dog on a moon walk tonight. i’ll be looking up-will you?

20 thoughts on “slowing down and wondering

  1. Jeannie

    I will look up, but I fear all I will see is the snow coming down. I love watching the moon and especially the ones created by you. Have a great time!


  2. Michele Unger

    Unbelievably beautiful moon here tonight. I was in the car with hubby, on the way to the mall, and it was there, right THERE, in the windshield all the way there. Beautiful. You moons are beautiful, too. I love them!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      here, it begins at 4:45 am. yes. planning on watching and taking a photo or two if possible. gonna go take the pup on a moon walk and then a nap so i can get up…early!
      thanks for your link- lovely story. must visit more often!


  3. coral-seas

    Here the end of the eclipse should be visible at moon rise so I would have to be in an unbuilt up area to see it. It is so often cloudy in the UK that most of the celestial are clouded out and, guess what, it is cloudy today!

    I will be looking, even if I can’t see it.


  4. deedeemallon

    ‘slowing down and wondering’ – how hard to do in the season of hustle/bustle – even though the sky and the earth and the deep need to honor what matters require it. On the consumer side (how easily I am distracted), seeing these pictures reminds me that I have promised myself a shiborigirl moon for the longest time! Perhaps I will whisper to Santa that it’s time.



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