make a silk shibori poinsettia broach

it’s always nice to make something by hand, either for yourself or as a gift for someone special. this silk shibori poinsettia broach makes a great holiday accessory, a lovely (wearable) package decoration, and perfect hostess gift. i like to have a couple on hand ready to give at a moment’s notice.

Buy Now

this is the DOWNLOAD ONLY for making the poinsettia floral broach.

the instruction is formatted as a PDF with video links. please consider your ability to watch internet media when purchasing.


if you would like to purchase the materials kit WITH the PDF instructions, then this is the item you want to purchase:

buy it now in the bigcartel shop

and if you are in need of one already made up and ready to go, you can order that here.

2 thoughts on “make a silk shibori poinsettia broach

  1. Marilu

    Dear shiborigirl: your shibori hana-silk ribbon flower which you posted long time ago, got me crazy. What a beauty, yet though the first time I saw it, I saved it in my favorites folder, I’ve tried to open it many times and it plays just a couple of minutes and then the video stops. I really want to do at least something similar. I think your work is great. Please let me see that video again, as I read you had changed it completely. Congrats on your beautiful work. Regards, Marilu (Ecuador, South America)



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