packing up for a show

one of my least favorite things to do for a show is packing things up and getting things out the door to a show. what to take? will i need this? how heavy is this- will it cost a lot to ship? what have i forgotten? do i REALLY need this?

too many decisions!

but i always seem to get it done. i don’t always remember everything though and i leave my workspace looking like a train wreck. i really don’t like that. not to mention waiting for things to come back from the show and having to put it all away in an organized manner.

but here i am again and as i was going through things for my classes, my booth etc. i came across a large bin of pins. i used to make these as both buttons and pins (they are tack pins) and they were very popular. people still ask me for them at shows but it doesn’t work for me to bring them when what i do now is so very different. too much explaining.

they are sweet, make a nice little gift, are porcelain and hand painted. i am going to make an effort to fill two needs with one deed and make them pay for my shipping expenses to houston so have put them in the bigcartel shop at a sweet price! they are there in sets of 8 in various collections. i will include an extra two of my choice with every set. as far as i can tell, it will cost me 20 sets to get my boxes shipped off to houston (and that is just one way!) i also have some of these if you are interested- they are a bit more and i don’t have time to photograph them…email me if you are interested and i’ll figure something out…

picture buttons cabochons

meanwhile, the silkworms are munching away…

3 thoughts on “packing up for a show

  1. Glennis

    IQF in Houston. Booth 930. Maybe I’ll see you there!
    Thanks neki- still have a couple of weeks but have to send boxes out ahead…



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