silkworm samba

the silkworm cats are really starting to grow now. i started with 500 regular eggs and 200 reverse (striped). the reverse should spin golden cocoons which will be interesting. in the end though, it doesn’t matter the color of the cocoon as the color is in the sericin which is ultimately removed when silk is processed.

reverse cats at 2 weeks

a neighborhood tree generously gives its leaves to feed the tiny masters.

i can’t wait to hear Noriko Furukawa’s lecture in houston- it’s all about silk in your life. here is something you can do with silk cocoons.

2 thoughts on “silkworm samba

  1. velma

    glennis, i am wondering if you can hear them eating? i listened to a huge slug eat in olympia washington last summer. it was astonishing. funny and wonderful video.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yes, you can start to hear them now. they will get pretty loud when they are all larger. munch munch munch…
      (but it’s hard to hear when the drummer is practicing!!)



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