many moons (and kittens) ago

i was recently reminded of a time in 1969, when humans first landed and walked on the moon. being all of 11 at the time and back in the US for a brief “home leave” visit from Japan, i visited and spent the night with a friend and her family on that very day. but it was more than a moon landing and walk on the moon that made that day so momentous in my 11 year old mind.

my friend’s cat was having kittens. lots of kittens. 11 eventually, and we named them all after the astronauts, the moon, apollo (of course) and anything else we could think of related to that day.

when i think back on it, we must have seemed out of our 11 year old minds really. running back and forth down the hallway from the living room where the tv was broadcasting images of the moonwalk, to the back bedroom closet where kittens just kept streaming out. sliding on the wooden floors in our stocking feet us girls would scream, squeal and run back to the living room to report each arrival before running back to the closet to check on the next. we were running out of names!

i had never seen a live birth before and forever after i think of the moonwalk and that day on July 20th 1969 as a day of infinite possibilities.

so, with that memory in mind, i made up a few little indigo moon bags. some days, you just want to carry the moon around with you (just for memories-and other things too).

in -the shop now.

and speaking of births- 2 new batches of silkworms have hatched. remember the little moon marks the last ones had? i have once again become slave to the “tiny masters”-just for a while…

9 thoughts on “many moons (and kittens) ago

  1. Morna

    I was about 11 when my grandmother’s neighbor had a closet full of newborn kittens. The site of those little beings – looking more like mice than cats – is burned into my brain. Thanks for awakening that nice memory. xo


  2. Sunny Hemphill

    Thank you for that lovely memory. What an incredible juxtaposition of life and possibility to share with a good friend. I will never forget that night, I was 12, sitting in our stuffy little living room in Comanche, Texas and suddenly realizing that there were no limits to life. No kittens were born in our house that night, but I believe it was a night of birth all over the world as children our age (and younger and older) felt the fullness of human ability stretch out beyond us, all the way to the moon.


  3. glennis

    what a pleasure to come back here and read my first telling of this memory and the lovely comments. I think I’ll go back and link the two up. I notice that originally I remembered 11 kittens and now referred to 9. No matter, just know it was a LOT of kittens.



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