hoping forward…and a little indigo entertainment

we are here thinking of all of you on the east coast, from SC and up, knowing you are busy with preparations for the storm. no matter when you might be back at the computer after settling in for the weekend with your loved ones, i thought i would post some visual entertainment to lighten up the tension nature creates as she winds up to release her pent up energy. you certainly have had your share this week from the earthquake to this and we wish you all well-know we are watching and thinking of you.

so, this week began a week of catching up and indigo was first on the list…

lots of stormy energy in this one...

white to near black indigo

this one turned out to be one of my favorites- i liked the high contrast and luminous quality of it. it ended up being difficult to translate what i liked about it in a photograph. the beauty of textiles…sometimes you just have to be there.

a couple more views follow. this was given to me by my friend donna…it had been hanging around her studio for quite some time. seems to be a sheer soft dotted swiss-ish cotton. it had a lot going for it to begin with. after dyeing with the indigo, it ended up with an interesting luminosity.

detail dotted cotton

another view- this captures some of the quality

then there was the silk gauze- haphazardly pole-wrapped, i like this effect every time i do it. it has a very topographic quality. like a silk map leading you onward.


always have to have some arashi…this on cotton lawn

indigo arashi on cotton

and this was done on the cotton scrim. i am loving this stuff.
more transparency…
detail of a larger piece
there was just something about this section that spoke to me, like indigo stick figures. or maybe it was just me wondering.

there was more but it was getting late in the day (week!)

moon shadows

that reminds me, i named my first cat moonshadow (first meaning the first i adopted on my own when i was living out on my own at 18) . she was a longhair light grey tabby with yellow eyes. i think i was in love with cat stevens at the time…

but as you can see, new moons are on the rise. we have some orange and indigo moons and also some moons rising against a few clouds. it doesn’t look too stormy…yet.

new moons rising

ok, i’ll throw in a photo of the silk hemp fabric i brought back from Japan, also transparent. and done in indigo ombre.

indigo on silk hemp

i’ve also been doing some wondering about organza…silk shibori ribbon organza. plan to have it ready for my Houston workshop. those in my ribbon class there will be the first to try it out. it will be added as an extra to their class kits.

Class # 110 is an all day shibori on silk dye workshop with a little indigo worked in and class # 243 is about fashioning silk shibori ribbons and fabrics into beautiful things.
Both can be signed up for by going to the Festival website linked above.

organza on fire-it suddenly got hot here today..and for the next several days so they say.

i’ll end it with a little lonely moon. it’s almost forlorn.

little lone moon

well, that’s it for now. this weekend is devoted to pocket squares. i don’t speak much about them. but i will.

and all you who have been patiently waiting for your indigo they are on their way. with a few extra goodies, moons, threads, and more. thank you for waiting.

in other news, jude harvested her indigo and got some fantastic blues from fresh leaf dyeing.
and india flint’s new book is out! i hear it is fantastic.

may the storm pass swiftly and keep you safe.

13 thoughts on “hoping forward…and a little indigo entertainment

  1. betweenthethreads

    I love all of what you do on fabrics. But I wonder what you do with those fantastic fabrics when you are done dyeing them. Do they become accents to a garment or quilts? Do you sell them? Just curious.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      curiosity and wondering are good friends. i’m glad you asked that question- i sell almost all of what i make through my big cartel and etsy shops. this is how i make a living-selling what i make by hand. it’s been this way for over 30 years now. there will be a shop update soon.
      i’ve always made things that others can take and incorporate into their own work. kind of like an artistic craft supply i suppose. but i like that what i make inspires others to get creative and work with their hands. finished items i make are generally practical objects for everyday use.


  2. Ingrid

    Wow! All of these are gorgeous- I especially love the indigo on silk hemp, the first two and the lone moon, actually all of it. So talented. Haven’t had a go at indigo dyeing yet. May everyone be safe during the storm.


  3. Laurie Carlson Steger

    So nice to find you. As the Storm approaches, I thought I’d sit and stitch cotton yardage by oil lamp light. This is a prep for a Dye day with the Weavers Guild of Rhode Island. I have some linen, silk and cotton to prep as well as yarns for a new weaving project. I look forward to visiting your site.



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