Shibori- Color and Texture on Silk by Karren Brito

It appears that Karren Brito’s book is out of print at the moment and a search around online shows some pretty crazy prices for obtaining a copy (up to over $200 ea. in some cases!) Her blog indicates that they are working on an electronic version but if you are like me you want a book you can drag around in the studio. There are still a few places online that haven’t jacked up the prices and seem to be taking orders for them.

If you are interested, the Eugene Textile Center has some in their online shop…

get one before they become a “collectors” item and you can’t afford one.

2 thoughts on “Shibori- Color and Texture on Silk by Karren Brito

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    ok. they don’t really have what they say they have online. no more books. i ordered an extra one myself just to have a backup as i loaned one out and never got it back. fortunately, i still have one left…one that Karren signed for me several years ago.


  2. theperfectnose

    Too late XD I just came across this post looking for that very book. Have emailed Karren about the e-copy (I can lug my laptop around till I work my way upto affording an ipad) so I’m just keeping my fingers crossed while I wait.



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