along with stories, thoughts, and a renewed passion- i brought back a few souvenirs. mementos really, of the past. but looking forward to the future. somehow.

note the price. this is the real stuff. and you pay for it. that translates to about $850 for the roll. i would guess these were done in Japan. all this cotton shibori is sold by the roll only (full roll shibori was beyond my budget and really i don’t have a need for it but really enjoyed looking at!). no cuts, unless it’s scraps you find around here and there (which i did buy a bit of and turned into some shibori collections for the shop). some others were about $225 for a roll. they were done in China and had typical patterns. an occasional shop (not in arimatsu though) sold the Chinese shibori by the meter. not indigo dyed. these here are specifically for yukata and are more complex…not just the typical kanoko. lots more stitching here. like in the samples i brought back. the really good stuff was available in the high end custom kimono shops i saw around Tokyo. oh my! just fabulous. and very exclusive. not done in China.

the souvenir shop is open again. have a few more things to post but this is it for now. time to be done with the computer.

3 thoughts on “souvenirs…

  1. Ann

    Hi Glennis, Welcome home! The pieces you’ve shown us are incredible – and I know the pictures can’t really do them justice. No wonder you went to the festival. I fell for and think I bought #3, but when I went back in it didn’t say sold and seemed to let me select it. I didn’t go in very far, but just wondering if all is working as it should.

    Take care,


  2. jessica

    Welcome Home, Glennis!

    What a beautiful picture… the fabrics are gorgeous; many pieces are “speaking” to me!

    Enjoy being home. Love to your mom!
    I’ll be looking forward to your “beautiful updates”!!
    ~ Jes



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