so much beauty…

What can i say? I wonder how I can take in so much in such a short period of time. It is raining here now. every leaf and blossom is dripping but it only seems to enhance the beauty.
Later, the sun came out and the peonies lifted their faces up a bit to say hello.

These peonies were growing in the garden of Koyata san, the sericulture farmer who raises some pretty awesome silkworms- some even from the Edo, Meiji, and Taisho periods.
The purpose of this is to have silk that can be used to repair and restore articles from those periods that are held by museums- even the Shosoin!

He’s not getting younger but I must say, he doesn’t look any older than when I saw him two years ago. It must be all that clean living. We had a wonderful lunch at his home which included some fresh bamboo shoots they had picked that morning. Again, all this makes me wonder what will happen when these folks who hold so much knowledge are gone…I hope we are prepared.
Here we are during this year’s visit-

Skipping ahead a bit but still on the topic of beauty, I made a stop at the Sankeien Gardens in Yokohama after the visit to the Silk Museum there. This garden was an old haunt from my childhood as we lived quite nearby and went there many times. It is such a lovely place, it can really make you shed a tear or two. Turns out that Sankei Hara who built this place was a silk trader…who knew? As a child I just loved the beautiful views and glimpses, the koi, the cherry blossoms, and all that green. Here’s a little slideshow of Sankeien~

We spent the last two days at the Arimatsu Shibori Festival. Time to get some sleep but every time I close my eyes I see patterns, colors and textures.

5 thoughts on “so much beauty…

  1. Peg

    It must be difficult to go to sleep at night…I wouldn’t want to miss a second of anything. Lovely travel dialogue, Glennis…thank’s for taking the time to talk and post photos.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      finally fell asleep for a few hours but woke up thinking that i had shibori materials next to my bed and that i needed to get busy tying and wrapping.


  2. Jeannie

    Thank you so much for the garden tour. How beautiful! I love the bamboo forest, amazing and the stone figures in the garden look like they belong there. Thank you, thank you.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      if you looked at the link, you would see that Sankei Hara was very wealthy and interested in art and beauty – he collected buildings! built this garden in 1902 and had buildings he collected from all over Japan moved there (no easy feat). opened to the public two years after it’s completion (in 1908) it was his family’s personal residence. an inner private garden for the family was opened to the public in 1958.
      info on Tomitaro Hara ( AKASankei Hara) here:


  3. elizabeth fortes

    Hello Glennis! This is such a beautiful post! It took me all the way back to that lovely day at Koyatasan’s home. I’m also cherishing some very precious memories of those lovely ladies who shared their lifetime knowledge with so much love! eliZabeth



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