just go to platform 9 3/4….

~the train leaves the station on Saturday May 21 PST (or Friday may 20th JST).

This will be the last post before the Silk Study Tour leaves for Japan. There are 16 of us who are participating and a host of people (over 100!) in Japan awaiting our arrival. We have overcome a number of obstacles on our quest to continue to study silk, it’s future in the world today, as well as discover it’s past.

For a while, we did not know if we would be able to go- but here, on the eve of our trip, the moon and the stars have aligned. Our intention is great, our interest is keen, and our bags are packed. We intend to be cultural ambassadors to the best of our ability, to learn, to see, to share our mutual interests with each of the people we encounter. We will take these experiences and this knowledge forward into our future works.

You can join us and participate in an enhanced virtual tour here. Posts and videos of the places we visit will begin Saturday May 21.

Of course I will be posting here from time to time as I can, but all this takes time and video is a lot more work. Writing takes time too. The virtual tour is kind of like a study abroad program. I hope you enjoy it.

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