sayonara sale…

Typically in Japan, when one moves, one has a sayonara sale. That’s just the way they do it there. Also, a sayonara sale is a great place to pick up stuff you need when furnishing a new apartment. Check out the sayonara sale ads in the Tokyo craigslist. Garage sale- Japanese style.

Well I’m not moving in the classical sense but I thought it would be fun to have a sayonara sale prior to leaving FOR Japan. And besides, who couldn’t use a little extra yen on a 3 week trip to Japan? Not to mention keeping the bills paid up while I’m gone. Count me in-and maybe you too if you have been thinking about buying some scrumptious silk shibori ribbon or a silk scarf and just haven’t done it yet. Here are a few of the specials I’m offering:

~3 yard pack of silk shibori ribbon (regularly $45-$15/yard) Sayonara price-$30. (or ¥2280)
limited to inventory on hand.

~the popular and extravagant Chou wrap (regularly $185) Sayonara priced at $120. (or ¥9120)

~my Silk Shibori ribbon flower kit (all you need is needle and thread) reg. price $19.50-Sayonara sale price-$14.62 (will do my best to accommodate your color choice but may sub something close to your preferred color). this is in the Etsy shop. use coupon code SAYONARA2ME to get this price.

Also- I have added in a few of the silk shibori ribbon insect broaches here and here– just a few.

In addition, there have been a number of you who have wanted me to rerun the online shibori techniques class or at least consider putting it up in a PDF non interactive format. So for those of you who would like the option of doing the workshop as a self study class, here it is.

I’m going to be closing the shops- both Etsy and Big Cartel on May 13 thru June 10.
mata ne! またね!

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