the shape that time creates

i think too much time has passed since the last post for me to recall all that has transpired since then so i will just recall it now, in bits and fits, disjointed and connected as the thoughts occur to me.
sometimes that is how it is.

yesterday, while introducing Bella to the beach, i found this stone-one that only time can shape.

i thought of all the moons that must have passed to wear away its missing parts.

we have been attending end of semester concerts and i am thankful there are kids out there who still want to study music- however abstract, idealistic and illogical this pursuit may be. and thankful for the teachers (here and here) who keep them motivated to continue. seemingly endless hours of practice- time shaping lives.

The Glory and The Grandeur By Russell Peck - concerto grosso for three percussionists

here in socal we have spring wrapped in a bit of summer already and i have organized the summer garden. even started harvesting a bit here and there. it feels good to be grounded in this way. as time in a garden passes, the harvest reveals itself.

the first berry off the vine...

first stalks off the new rhubarb plants

both these have taken time to mature…another reminder that patience is key.

and again, more t i m e. now with sol, the keeper of the journey quilt. he’s a little boy now on a big adventure.

there are other things too, that will reveal themselves in t i m e. like why i dreamt you were a dragonfly (and why 3 times that day dragonflies appeared to me in various forms). and time too, will let me know why purple is taking center stage and even appeared in the most unlikely and beautiful human form. i will be patient with all of this. only most recently i discovered the basic message of a dream i have had time and time again for over 40 years in a most unusual and beautiful way. it involves water (of course), a tsunami, and japan. perhaps hokusai had a bead on it in his time-

~next t i m e , shibori sayonara sale and saying sayonara for a while (silk study tour departs in less than 2 weeks! new sayonara sale info to be posted sunday night-get ready!)

be in touch and wonder~

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