wind and rain

Today’s weather is the title of this song-an arrangement and recording of a traditional folk song by one of my son’s musical projects. This is one of the things you do while pursuing a recording and performance degree. It’s free to listen to and a buck to download to your hard drive or iTunes. I particularly like this song. I’m glad to know that kids these days also enjoy traditional folk music enough to create their own versions of it.

The online class is keeping me busy with lessons and the class blog so I haven’t posted here in nearly a month. The Puyallup show came and went, the Cincinnati show is on the horizon and the Japan silk study tour follows that. We are hoping for the best and our thoughts wander to our beloved Japan and her people enduring grave hardships and loss with such grace and human dignity, spirit and resolve. There is much to admire. There are some great resources and help being rallied online. Some blogs describe the experiences as they are occurring, offering insight, hope and understanding.

Yesterday, I lead an indigo workshop at the JANM (Japanese American National Museum). We began the workshop with a short silent meditation in honor of those affected by the earthquake, tsunami, and ongoing nuclear crisis. Then we got to work!
A little video from the afternoon:


It was a great afternoon! Now very windy and rainy! Extreme weather advisory for LA county is in effect until 7:30.

5 thoughts on “wind and rain

  1. Frankie

    It was a fun day in the workshop with some nice Lady’s, and one very nice gentleman, who came all the way from San Fran with a friend. Good food with Glennis’s son Tristan and two of his friends, who drove down to met with us; and or course we had to do some shopping in the village. We hit the bakery for cream puffs, and then the book store. Last but not least the market for more goodies to take home. So you see when you come take a class here at the JANM there’s is so much to do and see. : )


  2. whereishenow

    i came here to see about your Japan tour…. wondering what you are going to do. and i find a beautiful song…. i am a total folkie and that is a most awesome little tune… thank you for sharing it!!!



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