ohayo gozaimasu-gurenisu desu! おはようございます

I took some inspiration from this photo (turns out it wasn’t taken at the LA Arboretum but in Herefordshire England-my son was pulling my leg) and also from an email I received from someone wanting me to make some special silk shibori flowers for a sacred event. I dyed up some spring wisteria- summer wedding (kekkon no natsu) colors.

Then I heard the sea calling me. Maybe it’s a pisces thing. Definitely a water (mizu) thing.

rising tides

Check out the link in the first line to see the current schedule if you didn’t get the newsletter direct to your email inbox. You can sign up for my ribbon and dye class in Cincinnati or the indigo workshop at the Japanese American National Museum by using the links and info there. The online class is gathering and there is just one week left before i close the registration. If you want to see what the supply list looks like, you can see the class setup here. All workshop material kit orders received to date are shipped so look out for yours if you ordered one.

The Silk Study Tour to Japan is filled and I am busy with various details. The gathered group is excited and we are getting to know each other a bit.

I just discovered that I am going to still be in Japan for the annual Arimatsu shibori festival! Held the first weekend of June every year, this is just too good to miss! While searching online for a nearby ryokan, I discovered that Yoshiko Wada has a tour planned to Japan for this event, if you are interested. I did not know of this tour before! It is quite a bit different from ours although it looks like they will also be going to Kiryu. Looking at the page it appears as if there are spots available. I don’t know much about her tours except for what I have read online here so check it out!

So now it’s off to finish taxes and get ready for Puyallup and more…
mata-ne! (listening to Japanese POD101 daily now…)

5 thoughts on “ohayo gozaimasu-gurenisu desu! おはようございます

  1. Celeste

    I’ve admired your work on your blog for over a year. Very lovely! I’ve signed up for your online class and am very much looking forward to it. I’ve several shibori books and have done a little bit with acid dyes and indigo. I’ve not used the colorhues, but have had them on my list of things to try for a while. Looking forward to the class. Thanks!


  2. shibori girl

    Wow, those colors are amazing, dreamy, very beautiful. I’m glad you are still going. And to take a tour with Yoshiko Wada, well, that’s to good to miss for sure.



    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yes, so far we are still in “go” mode. all our contacts there are fine and have not been directly affected by much. transportation systems seem to be slow around the Tokyo area. it is still unfolding and we are watching…
      (we are not going with Yoshiko Wada’s tour- this is a different one)



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