the pH of tears…

today i made some ceremonial cloth. and a special goodbye moon.

tigga kitty hit a “rough patch” and died in bed with us this morning at 4 am. she went suddenly and without pain and we are thankful for all the good times we had with her. i held her in my arms and kept her next to me from about 5 pm last night. i think her kidneys failed or some such thing. she had a good life and for an alley cat rescued from a feral life she was never really sick. just liked to choke up a fur ball every now and then.

you may remember her from her photos here , helping with photography and watching silk dry or here, checking out the feeding of the “other cats”.

she’s resting now under the ginko tree in back with a special goodbye moon waving overhead. she’ll don her catwings and fly on ahead wrapped in partly cloudy indigo skies.

oh…and the pH of tears is around 7.5. even though i feel like i cried buckets into the vat as i dyed these pieces today the indigo vat just seemed to absorb it in stride and remained a vigilant 9.5.

on to tomorrow…

36 thoughts on “the pH of tears…

  1. FryeStyle

    My heart goes out to you. I miss my “Winnie Boy” often. I can only imagine how much you will miss your friend. Uh oh, now I’m shedding tears…
    The blue moon is beautiful.


  2. Pam Lopez

    I am so sorry. I’m glad you were there for her and holding her. Sometimes people forget that animals need to “die right” too. Fly tig, fly!!!! xoxo


  3. Katrina

    Glennis, I am so very, very sorry. The loss of a fur child is so painful – their precious lives are so unfairly short. My heart aches for you.


  4. coral-seas

    Tear drops dripping onto this keyboard also. Very sorry for your loss. Very moved to reading this tender and loving tribute to your dear friend and to see an equally tender and loving send off.

    Fly to the moon, Tigga


  5. Alice

    Just adding one more condolence to the list ~ we love our four-legged pals and when they have to leave, it is the saddest. We do have to get on, for sure ~ but they leave a huge hole in our hearts.


  6. Beverly

    Glennis, a very wise man told me that there are very few things that are constant in our lives, and pets are one of them. I too send my love at this difficult time.


  7. Judy Keefe

    I am sad for you. Sorry that you lost Tigga kitty. She was pretty and I’ll bet she had a great life with you. I lost a feline member of our family that we had for 17yrs so I understand the buckets of tears. I feel your pain and will pray for peace for your heart.


  8. Janet

    So sorry to hear of your loss. She had a great life, a gentle, warm ending with you in bed, and a beautiful send off under the silver moon. Hope each day brings more memories of your happiness together.



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