woven to distraction

leave it to jude and the other clothmates to distract me from my other work today. but being sunday it felt right to follow and honor the muse with a little free weaving. even the moon was game. collecting and catching cloth and ideas for the boro panel of the jacket.
i started a flickr set for extra pics from the workshop here.

started in on some of the large custom indigo boro packs and some base dyeing for ribbon and pocket squares. tonight i’ll be at the ironing board then out to wrap the silk for the discharge bath tomorrow.

last night as a guest of diana (thank you!!), i attended a lecture, dinner and opening of the 67th Scripps Ceramic Annual, which is the longest continuous exhibition of contemporary ceramics in the United States. it is her alma mater and the same college where Paul Soldner (contemporary raku master- now passed) taught ceramics. Paul Soldner himself curated this annual exhibition for over 30 years and now it features a list of guest curators. it was wonderful to see what support they have engendered for ceramics there- many long time contributors and patrons to the program. 67 years is a LOT of ceramics! I particularly liked the works by Brendan Tang and Matt Wedel. although i listened to the hour long talk by this year’s curator, i wasn’t buying all of it. i admit, the balloon thing just wasn’t working for me or even the clay pieces with the rotting tomatoes- no matter what kind of spin you put on it. from my perspective it was definitely trying my patience to convince me it was worth being part of the show. i must be getting old or something…
sometimes art just gets to conceptual for me.

17 thoughts on “woven to distraction

  1. Robyn A

    Hey Glennis, how good is that Quilt Weaving Assistant! I have been playing for ages and now to start some weaving. Lots of people seem to be using your stuff ; I wish I lived around the corner and could drop some cloth in to you for dying! Lovely extra bonus to see your weaving too.


  2. Patti

    Wow Glennis…I love this and do not get how you did it? How did you get a circle using the quilt weaving assistant? It is truly stunning. Also I really like and appreciate your flicker photos, thank you.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i cut up one of my moons and wove indigo dyed silk organza through it.
      so think of using an image for the base, and weave through it.
      just another twist… oh…and i didn’t use the QWA but i think it’s a neat tool.



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