caught somewhere in between overhead and down below

up to now i had been focusing on the moon in the night sky, its bright face against the indigo night. but recent circumstances and challenges have had me wondering more often than usual.
these past couple of weeks i have watched the daylight moon move across the sky transition into fullness. i find some sort of comfort in looking up as i am working to see it there, faint against the daylight sky. its familiar countenance soothes me somehow- giving me something to latch onto, to count on. i feel as if i never have properly acknowledged its subtle beauty, its pale against the light blue sky. of course this new found appreciation moves me to the indigo vat where i’ve been doing some more wondering…

new boro packs will likely include day moons. i need to keep things moving along. i am thinking that some sets of moons will be coming soon too.

i am getting to know some of the participants in jude’s cwb class little by little as time allows. i have the basic parts of the wondering coat put together- a rough photo:

i have it hanging on the wall where i can wonder at it. i have gathered some bits and will start stitching and weaving soon. i’m letting it sink in for the moment.

in the meantime, some faux designer shibori had me anxious- that and impending month end bills prompted me to do a little photo shoot of some scarf inventory. as i was photographing them, i saw them as an octopus’ garden and photographed them as such. (in the shop now)

We would be so happy you and me
No one there to tell us what to do
I’d like to be under the sea
In an octopus’ garden with you.

have a great weekend~

4 thoughts on “caught somewhere in between overhead and down below

  1. jude

    love the cloudy moons!, i am laughing because i used to work in the fashion industry and it was my job to come up with stupid faux ideas like this. ask me why i quit!


  2. helen

    Hei, I love your coat and the fire and smaoke is probaly my favorite scarf. Beautiful. Did you ever receive my e-mail(from cartel contact) about dyeing pieces of our own? just curious as I had a few questions, but I did say no rush. 🙂



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