boro with a twist-custom indigo

i’m taking 4 reservations for custom dyed indigo boro packs using fabrics that YOU send to ME.

if this works out and everyone is pleased with the results (including me) i will take another 4.
and so on.
let’s see how this goes.
for details, go to the shop

and for a little night indigo…

i’d show you some pics of what they looked like rinsed, dried , and ironed but i took the photos today without putting the memory card back in the camera. figures. maybe tomorrow.
like flickr says when in doubt….take me to the kittens! (milo hasn’t said hello for a while)


8 thoughts on “boro with a twist-custom indigo

  1. helen

    Great idea, but I’m not sure I’ll have time right now to come up with something, intriguing though. I love the video and seeing the process. Iit came out well. Now that “cat” of yours. . . (I use cat lightly…are you sure? )Ha! I’ve always had a cat, and this pic makes me laugh, I forgot about the fangs!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      milo always makes me laugh-he’s a punk. he likes to fight with the guys while they are recording music. they egg him on and receive the scratches they deserve in return. i caught him in mid yawn here…he was sleeping when i realized i had no picture of the indigo and decided to feature him instead. he’s always up for a little blogging…


  2. Robyn A

    Not practical from Australia but I think it sounds like a good idea – I would want to send a small truck load is all! Just got my latest boro pack and I love it, every piece just wonderful. Trouble is I will want to stroke it instead of using it. Thanks Glennis.



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