just a minute! (Qiking the editing habit)

…just a minute!
how many times have i heard that phrase? (kids are especially fond of saying this) how many times have i said that?
how many minutes are in a day? a week? a year? how much time do i want to spend basking in the glow of my mac?

well, my november video subscription project was interesting. and a LOT of work and time on my part. at the moment i can’t really justify doing more of it-too much time in front of the computer and too much time thinking about and filming-even as crude as it was. it was (and still is) only $10 for the month but it really didn’t pay for itself. perhaps if there had been more than 20 people viewing it i would have felt different about it but as it was i would have been better off working on dyeing ribbon and indigo for sale than editing and posting videos. i think i would have needed about 100 subscribers to have pulled it off. you can still subscribe if you like- there are some good things there.
BUT…i’ve been thinking.

i’m playing around with a new idea…recording live video clips from the studio. short, sweet, and no editing! and free to you. i call them my “just in a minute productions” . i’m using Qik video app for the iphone. you can check it out in my right hand side bar. you can leave comments and questions on my Qik page.

in other news (and speaking of computer time), i need to update all my sites with current info. for starters though here it is in a nutshell (always liked that expression):
Indigo workshop at the JANM Los Angeles
Puyallup Sewing Expo have a booth and teaching 4 classes
Cincinnati Quilt Festival booth and teaching an all day shibori class plus a saturday night sampler featuring ribbon.
may = Silk Study Tour to Japan! (still a couple spots available!)

i’ll take june to restock and work in the studio then we’re at LB Quilt Festival.

today is sunny, a little warmer and the indigo vat is rarin’ to go. moon making in progress… and working on the wondering coat…and more ribbon…

remember these guys? i'm wondering...

5 thoughts on “just a minute! (Qiking the editing habit)

  1. Alice

    I’m hoping to attend the Cinci Quilt Festival ~ will stop by your booth and say hi! Love it that it will be so close ~ 3 hours ~ much closer than any of the others!! Will look forward to meeting you!



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