there’s more than indigo…there’s delectably diaphanous

lest you think i’ve forgotten how to dye in any other color than indigo blue, here’s a new piece for the new year.

i’ve recently been faced with the fact that some of the scarf blanks i regularly use are no longer available and as a result i’ve started hemming my own yardage. along the way i wondered and decided to try something new. stitched some silk satin bias to some 3momme gauze and this was the result. i’m liking it pretty well. it wears beautifully. drapey, stylish, and of course one of a kind. and you can only get it here.

i like the transparent nature of silk gauze. we need more transparency in 2011 i think.

i’ll be posting them one at a time as i make them for the shop. (they may or may not make it to a show.)
(gotta find me some model-y types around here….ones that can’t grow beards-all men in this house…)

will be posting the new boro packs by morning…
i’ve also been playing around with a new idea…did you see the “just in a minute productions” on my FB page? still trying to figure out how to get them quickly uploaded here via my phone. give me a day or two on that…now off to work for me!

14 thoughts on “there’s more than indigo…there’s delectably diaphanous

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i love looking through several pleated layers of this stuff- i have a crazy fantasy of a room with nothing but this hanging,draping, dripping from the ceilings with music and warm air creating movement…very dreamlike.


  1. Robyn A

    Wow, just when my wallet is saying “economise”, you come up with these gorgeous things! I love your indigo, really love it but I am basically a colour girl and these look scrumdiddlyumptious! I want some but……



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