another year of wondering and collaboration

this new year i am starting on a project that i’ve been wondering about for some time. it’s a coat of many blues-indigo of course! it will be made of various fabrics i have dyed and set aside while in the pondering mode, the wondering and what-iffing mode. in fact, i call it the wondering coat. you can see it here.
in the meantime, i’ll just keep wondering.
(i’m using June Colburn’s Sushi Wrap pattern)

and while in this mode, i think i’ll join in jude’s contemporary woven boro class as inspiration for wondering.

last night i cut out some of the pieces and made myself a list of what yet needs to be dyed. i also am making up a few (3 to be exact) extra large boro fabric packs which contain some of the very fabrics i am using in my jacket. i will have them up in the shop in a few days. i will also get a few pics of the fabrics for you as well. it always amazes me how much time it takes me to put these together. i always want them to be just so. in these packs are a few special pieces i rescued from my mom’s. of particular note are some of nana’s old chenille bedspreads that i particularly loved as a child. i remember taking naps in my grandmother’s spare bedroom on these and even now they give comfort. i was surprised to still find them. originally white, they take the indigo beautifully. each is bordered by a lovely fringe which i have removed and dyed separately. bits of that are also included. stacks of nana’s linen napkins also make for excellent indigo fabric.

there were a couple of embroidery stitching samplers done by my mom on cotton toweling, supervised by nana who was great at all of that. mom must have been pretty young and not too interested in continuing as they are quite beginnerish with only a few existing. she was more of a tomboy much to nana’s dismay. i’ll fit one or two into the boro’d sections of the jacket. one section is planned for the chenille-hope that works out as imagined. it will be interesting to work all these various fabrics into one garment as they all are so different. some may have to be backed with plain dyed cotton lawn in order to make it all work out well. i will just have to take it piece by piece.

another word i am keeping close for 2011 is collaboration. i had so many good experiences this past year in collaboration with other artists and makers and i intend to keep that fire lit -some collaborations were public, some private. so thank you all-i’d start naming names but inevitably leave someone out so i will just leave it at that. i will say that it was really within these collaborations that much of my best work emanated. the joining of forces, trading of ideas, the simple act of giving, receiving, and sharing brought forth much creativity on all fronts. it is much more than “networking”, a much overused term in my opinion. there is much more community involved in collaboration and i like the way creative textillians collaborate. maybe it is that it’s woven into the fiber of our being- that within cloth we start to see ourselves as weft and warp with a need to cooperate, trade, and share. fingering the ragged edges of an indigo dyed cloth, i see it’s beauty anew and have less need to strive for contrived perfection. the perfection already exists.

while driving back from norcal last month, i stitched these up while thinking about circles and squares.
about mixing them up, fitting them together, the easing of square pegs into round holes. getting help for my mom set me on the path of these thoughts. i can turn anything into shibori fodder it seems….
welcome 2011-let’s wonder and collaborate!

19 thoughts on “another year of wondering and collaboration

  1. Debi Minter

    Happy New Year Glennis! I love this post!!! And I want one of those large packs! I’m doing a house-coat in blues this winter. I have a cotton sweater-type wrap robe and I’m using as a base to sew on blues. A patchwork of sorts.

    ;~) Debi


  2. Jacky

    Hi Glennis, I hope maybe I can get one of these larger packs too!
    Your wondering coat sounds ‘wonderful’ and I cant wait to watch it evolve with all of your beautiful indigos and treasured fabrics.

    take care and have a wonderful, wonderful New Year.

    Jacky xox


  3. Robyn A

    Hi Glennis lots of good wishes for 2011, sounds like you are going to be BUSY! Your jacket looks wonderful. I wonder if there is anyone who isn’t doing JJude’s Advanced Boro course? “See” you there.
    I hope your Mum is now safe and OK.


  4. Beverly

    Hi! Glennis,
    Your extra large boro fabric packs sound WONDERFUL! Would it be possible to let me know when they are available? Since there are only three, I don’t want to miss out. I have been taking some of Jude’s classes and would love to incorporate your work in some of my new projects. Thank you.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      finally we have several days without rain predicted! i hope to get them done and up in the next couple (and even maybe a couple more.) it’s been slow going but hey- if it was fast and easy, everyone would be doing it!
      on another note, i acquired an electric blanket for the vat- will see if that helps during these oh so cold nights…


  5. neki rivera

    sounds like a great project to kick the year to a start and keep it going.
    the word networking makes me cringe.i envision power dressed people doing superficial things and talking superficially about them.


  6. nance

    are the three already spoken for???? will there be more? oh glennis i must have one of those for the class… i am so glad you are taking it. i will be there too. and i love that you are making clothing! i want a jacket… and i think i have the right pattern in my stock. glad you are back in the swing of things… i missed your inspiration!



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