and so it goes…

i’m not having a lot of desire for blogging right now-just a desire to expose the reality of the situation should someone somewhere down the line find it helpful in their own situation. this is not an effort to elicit pity, empathy or anything else- just an example of how we as a society seem to be chipping away at our own humanity.

cute as a bug isn't she? putting a face on the subject...

so currently, we don’t know where she is. apparently, she has been released to her own devices. this, we only know because one of the other patients in what we believe to be the “day room” at the psyche hospital said that’s what the head nurse said to say. (mind you, when you call to talk to someone there, the patients appear to be answering the phone. you might or might not get your person to come to the phone- at least on one occasion i ended up talking to someone who thought she was my mom).
the arrangement had been that they were to call us when they were releasing her so we could continue to follow up. we have no idea why the call was never made.
we can’t reach that person at this time. more voicemail.
previously they planned to release her to a shelter in her town where she had “agreed” to stay until we could get there and finish making her house habitable.
the shelter does not answer phone calls. takes messages and will “get back” to you. the shelter is called the jesus center. last message i left i said jesus wanted them to return my call. still, no luck. (note: it helps to keep your sense of humor)

interestingly, we did find out (finally-can’t figure out why it took so long for the so-called professionals to let us know this) that in order to get her conserved she needs to be involuntarily committed twice in order to get the ball rolling on that one. one down, one to go. i don’t think it will take too long at this rate. the really irrational and distressing part of all this is that it seems that we actually have to put her in harms way first.
i can’t really figure out who should be the patient here any longer- her, them, or me!
here are a couple of other interesting links documenting struggles not unlike this one:

the positive? we understand they did treat an unusually long toenail while she was there.

on another note, i did bring along some stitching to do for the indigo vat should life decide to return to something resembling “normal” in the future.

one day at a time.