new in blue…

very busy here in preparation and some new things in blue- just a peek of the week in review-

one very happy development is that i have finally figured out a decent way to reuse the d-core thread i wrap the arashi poles in- not liking that i have been throwing it away for the most part all this time. seemed like such a waste. so far i have used over 80,000 yards of this stuff! not that i will be able to reuse all of it but for now i will start saving it and sending it to YOU! like this:
each indigo boro fabric pack will have some to stitch with!
and maybe some of this if you are doing some weaving…
indigo kasuri thread

-new style arashi indigo silk gauze is going into the packs as well-sheer and transparent, it catches the wind of your imagination…
it matches the sky, the ocean or a river…
in detail…

and if that wasn’t enough blue this week, we have added a new pup to the mix, her one blue eye
is always watching me…it’s been a busy week!

and if you were wondering, the indigo shibori timpani mutes worked perfectly! a good performance, reportedly. next week i will see for myself- a quick trip to hear some music performed.

(and all the ribbon scrap bags are gone for now…but the boro packs and subscription videos are still available if you are in jude’s cloth to cloth class and have ordered a pack they are on the way to you within a day or so of ordering them…enjoy! i understand some great things are going on there!) and a new subscription video series is forming here…don’t think i want to miss this!

see you in houston!

17 thoughts on “new in blue…

  1. paddysdaughter

    Gorgeous pup – like his/her pink inside ears…looking forward to receiving my fabrics too – such a pity Houston is so very far away!


  2. linda schiffer

    I found the ‘string’ you included in your packet of goodies very nice to work with – only did running stitch, but the colors were lovely.

    80,000 yards! Oh, my crying heart – what waste. (sniff)

    🙂 Linda


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      no crying necessary-it wasn’t indigo dyed….i wondered when someone would comment on that number…that’s one heck of a lot of wrapping! will be saving it from now on but it is a job to reel it off properly, prepare it for dyeing, dye it, then skein it up…i’m sure it will start piling up for a rainy day. interestingly, one reason i hadn’t saved much of it before was that it comes off semi-dyed (it’s cotton wrapped poly) but in testing it (i thought i would see how it overdyed with the indigo) i realized that since they were acid dyes the color didn’t stick and therefore no overdyeing necessary! the color came out in the wetting out.
      this is the kind of thread they use to stitch denim…


  3. Lis Harwood

    So good to have found a use for all that thread, it’s terrible to have to discard something that surely has a use if only you could discover it – and you have, brilliant. Looking forward to my boro pack arriving and I must catch up with Cloth to Cloth, I’m way behind because my gorgeous grandson is staying for a few days.


    1. helen

      The dog is too precious!
      This thread looks like the perfect thing for all the people playing with their “bead” looms for weaving cloth that Jude started. This is great for anyone wanting to weave their own indigo piece to add to their story cloth. I know it is probably a pain to bundle etc. but for the rest of us it’s wonderful to get authentic indigo dyed thread to work with, and you use what used to be waste. Win, win situation.


  4. nancy

    well i have saved all of mine… but then it wasn’t 80,000 yds! and of course not indigo since i don’t have a vat. mine is too thick to sew with but i use it for couching. maybe i will switch to a finer thread to wrap arashi now… and i hope some of that thread will be in my pack that i ordered when jude first mentioned it in class… i just love working with your fabrics! i am still using some from the last pack.


  5. Melly

    It was so nice to meet you and to purchase some moons. Just the fact that Jude Hill works with them so beautifully made me purchase them. Now to percolate and come up with an idea to use them for myself. Thank you Glennis. Yours was the only booth I was intent on visiting at Quilt Fest. I hope it paid off for you. I’d brought a piece of my own indigo dayed fabric to share but was dazzled and shy. Maybe next time. 🙂



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