silk shibori ribbon scrap bag sale!

as i have done in the past, i have posted a few of the silk shibori ribbon scrap bags in the big cartel shop for those of you who won’t be making it to Houston for the show. These ribbon scrap bags are always coveted by stitchers, quilters (especially crazy q types), and ribbon artists for their variety and price so I always like to include you readers here in on the deal.

go crazy, but i suggest you do it quickly!

I am in the throws of packing boxes and getting things together (ordering electricity and so forth) -sheesh just trying to stay organized while not forgetting anything for the booth, 2 workshops, a lecture and who knows what else- i’m starting to think i just might pull it all together…

yesterday at the Japanese American National Museum we just had a grand old time…
the next workshop there is a 4 hour indigo class in March. better sign up early for that one…
– a little video from yesterday…aside from the indigo, everyone did an itajime scarf using the colorhue.

and a pic of the spider lily in the back yard- i even have narcissus coming up-crazy!

12 thoughts on “silk shibori ribbon scrap bag sale!

  1. helen

    Love the video.Wish you were closer, this makes me want to try it ( not like I’d make a habit of it), (HA) but it does look like fun for a day!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      thinking of offering some of the stitching pieces already marked with designs and letting people send them to me all stitched up for indigo dyeing….wondering what if!


  2. deanna cohen

    what a great video. i found a beautiful indigo dress at the thrift store and some of the stencils you show in this video look very similar to the patterns on the dress. that was a lucky day for me.


  3. Jeannie

    Thanks for the video, it was great. I have been trying to get to the big cartel shop, but no scrap bags. Are they all gone?


  4. mendofleur

    What a fun video to watch. I have one of the books and will dig it out and explore a little. Coincidentally, today I took out my packet of goodies from you. They are so, so beautiful. I really am thinking about a piece to make that honors these very lovely pieces. They are all so special.


  5. Kristin

    I received my package today. What wondrous treasures! All arrived safely, but it was interesting because the package was sodden and wrapped in plastic by the USPS. The goods were fine, wrapped in their own plastic bags. Thank you so much!



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