useful objects

sometimes there are things that just need to be made. unusual things…
-like these weighted timpani mutes

for trevor-

speaking of beauty, this has a quality all it’s own. poet and global textile itinerant-R. Nemo Hill.
and i love this publication. it’s free to artists. actually, it is the only magazine to which i subscribe. i anticipate each ones arrival.

7 thoughts on “useful objects

  1. Marian

    Thank you for sharing the unusual things that you make! Who did you make the weighted timpani mutes for? How did the mutes work out in actual use? What did you use for the weighting? for the cover? What would you change if you made them again? Did you work from pre-existing plans, or come up with your own construction?

    I found this page while searching online for timpani mutes. Just when I was getting seriously irked by the prices for commercial cookie-cutter felt circles, your delightful photo absolutely MADE MY DAY and shattered my bad mood. Now I’m feeling inspired about making my own timpani mutes; curious about tonal effects of different shapes, sizes, weights (and weight distribution), cover materials, etc. And I’m excited/relieved at the thought of decorating them in ways that will make me smile, since I’m the one who’s going to be seeing them the most!

    Thanks again, for sharing your creativity with the world!



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