transformation-the silk moths emerge

the silk moths finally started emerging friday night. so far-as of tonight (sunday), 6 of the 12 are hatched out of the cocoons-5 males and one female-finally. first 5 males hatched and i was getting worried there wouldn’t be a female before the males died-apparently 36-48 hours after hatching. the first pair is mating now.

moth at work-emerging

a moth in hand...

moths emerge

what a handsome fellow!

looking like he's ready for takeoff!

but really, they can’t fly at all!


this last photo shows a cocoon i sliced in half after the moth emerged. you can see the pupae casing as well as the silkworms face that comes off separately. it’s as if he was wearing a mask and in his transformation from silkworm to moth he casts it aside-ready for the next short phase. beautiful.

note- i added a few of these on my flickr site in large format-

10 thoughts on “transformation-the silk moths emerge

  1. shiborigirl Post author

    when i get a minute i’m going to upload a few of these to my flickr in large size images so you can see them in GREAT detail. so cool to see them up close.


  2. nancy

    so fascinating. i have loved watching this process. thank you for documenting. i know you are a scientist along with being an artist!! so, if they can’t fly, what will they do now?


  3. lee

    glennis –

    I admit the silkworms were interesting but not hugely compelling for me, but the moth is very appealing. May I use one of your photos of the emerged male for one of my stitched pieces? I love the head on image best, with his eyes and antenna and fuzzy head!



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