searching for home

the silkworms start to spin by laying down a silk hammock in which to spin their cocoons, but first they must find just the right place. i have no idea how they decide this but some of them get right down to it while others meander all over the place spitting silk and casting about before deciding it’s not quite right and moving on.
apparently, they are house hunting and just like us, they know when it feels right. we are watching “worm t.v. here (and no commercials!!). as i watch them i think about what we consider home, what makes it feel right. we all have different ideas when it comes to how we want home to feel but in the end i think we look to come home to someplace that is secure and feels safe.

i’m leaving home for a few days and unplugging. spinning a little creative cocoon in the woods. when i return the cocoons will all be finished and i will be ready to get back to work. taking along some stitching to do for the indigo vat and some makings for some new silk shibori flowers, books to read, paint and paper, and of course the camera. the water is rushing and the wildflowers are blooming in the sierras.

one of the photos here is an old stereoview of feeding silkworms in Japan at the turn of the century (that would be 1900) thank goodness i had nowhere near that number of silkworms. just look at the number of worms!

i’ll load these up on flickr too so you can take a look at the images in the largest file sizes. it’s really fantastic to see them close up.

here’s a little photo gallery of what i’m talking about-clicking on an image brings up a larger photo but to really see it in detail, go to the flickr set and click on the top where it says “all sizes”. once there click on “original size” for the most detail.

4 thoughts on “searching for home

  1. Diane

    Well I think silk work tv is probably much more interesting the real TV! Hope you enjoy your trip into the woods. Hope you find peace there.


  2. India flint

    when i was in Latvia at the textile symposium in Zvartava [2001 or 2002] there was an artist from China present, who showed an extraordinary video of himself being gradually covered by silkworms spinning their magic. a lot of motionless, foodless, ablutionless lying still on the part of the artist…sadly i can’t recall his name.



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