silkworm hatchlings and more indigo

the full moon brought out the silkworm hatchlings and we watched their progress over the past couple of days as we dyed up indigo in the workshop. no silkworm photos yet-they are SO small! i’ll take some tomorrow.
i’m feeling the responsibility of these 500 little creatures and hope i don’t inadvertently do something wrong- this first week is the most critical i understand and they seem so fragile…

the indigo vats were working their magic as we dyed away these past two days. here is a selection of some of the fabrics taken home from the session-

some time back i sent Kit Eastman of Silver Minnow some of the kanoko shibori stencils i received from the Hasegawa family last Japan trip. being the katazome expert i knew she would be able to find a way to utilize them. inspired, i got one out and transferred the design to some cotton lawn by brushing some powdered indigo over the stencil. i stitched over all the lines and will draw up the design tomorrow before dyeing it with the indigo. obviously not what these designs were intended for but i think it has some promise. i did get some paste resist but not ready to do that just yet. sure would like to take a class from John Marshall this year.

as i explained during the workshop today, sometimes it’s the simple idea that yields an elegant result. here is a series of photos of the unfolding of an itajime piece that i particularly enjoyed (on silk organza)-

and finally,

7 thoughts on “silkworm hatchlings and more indigo

  1. Jane

    The little goldfish is lovely. Looking forward to seeing how he turns out.
    The itajime design is wonderful. I really like the geometric designs.



  2. jude

    this looks like so much fun…and such an exceptional educational opportunity….amazing that there is just always more to learn…


  3. jennlui

    oooh how exciting glennis! silkworm hatchlings! i wish you all the best in this awesome learning experience, it’s always so exciting to be delving deeper into our passions.

    beautiful indigo, soothing to my soul.



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