a proper sendoff

all the indigo gets a proper sendoff- a little flapping in the breeze. gives me time to evaluate it and think on what i might do differently on the next one. this time i noticed the moon was right there too, as if it approved of the whole deal.

a whole order might look something like this-

i’m experimenting with some arashi indigo and i think i may have gone a little haywire- nothing new and besides, i like it!

9 thoughts on “a proper sendoff

  1. jennlui

    oooooohhh woweee! and this is why i love your indigo (and works) so very very much! the care and attention of it all and here a ceremony of completion. infuses your work with the most wonderful energy that is felt way after your send off. the moon would smile down upon you and approve, i know it 😉

    beautiful glennis! the arashi is dancing on the cloth! fabulous!


  2. helen

    Spectacular! And we can acquire some of this wonderful art when??? I agree with all that Jennlui said,couldn’t have said it as well, the energy of you and cloth a union meant to be.



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