garden of life

thankful today for the bounty i receive-not forgetting that which nature provides me right out my back door.

and the other trees and veggies i’ve planted are looking good as well. it’s encouraging.
there is nothing like a garden to keep me firmly planted on solid ground.

6 thoughts on “garden of life

  1. helen

    Here in the east our anticipation is heightened by your photos, even when it hits only 22 degrees (like last night) But once it’s here it’s wonderful, and worth the wait. Enjoy!! True, nothing like a garden to keep you grounded.


  2. kaite m

    another gardener, wonderful. i picked the last of my chillies yesterday and just in time before the overnight -5 degC, the biggest frost so far this Autumn…k.


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    yes, it does seem that fiber artists have more than their share of gardeners. maybe it is because there is that desire to get to the source or beginning of things.

    the anticipation factor gardening offers and the hopeful expectations of growing the food you eat is so worth the effort. feeds the soul as well as the body.



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