more wondering…and wandering

someone recently pointed out to me that much of the way that i work is very childlike- intuitive. like a child wondering “what if?”. for as long as i can remember it’s been that way. curiosity gets the better of me and i have to follow it down to some sort of conclusion. it also has something to do with my incessant and overwhelming desire to “do it myself” and to be independent as a result of some very serious history. the fact that i like process so much i think stems from the way it can relieve stress and anxiety. hence why most of my work is mostly craft and not art (please, let’s not get into THAT). i’ve been pretty crafty since i was a child.

i had a recent conversation with Wendy, who was interviewing me for an article and i think i ended up figuring out as much about myself as she did about me for the article. some of it we both had surmised but many pieces were falling into place over the course of the conversation. suffice it to say, it’s going to be an interesting article. more on that later.

i know my recent FB updates to the “statusphere” have been a little obtuse and random but that’s just me especially as of late. the usual topics of beauty, education, art, and how i fit into the picture if at all anymore. just feeling a little lost i guess.

then there is more of this. at least they got their website tagline right- STEALS and deals. actually, it’s a blog that leads to an indian website selling shit and ads, of course. so more work for me to get my pics pulled down. i already removed the option to embed my vids on external sites so now you have to use the link option instead. it really gets to me to see this when i am working as hard and fast as i can around here. enough whining and complaining- or i might be tempted to just pull the plug on the whole darn thing.
thanks Dar, for looking out for me. some days globalization works for me, some days not.

all right. getting back to reality (or is it the illusion? getting harder to tell these days). have some camp fire kids coming over tomorrow for an indigo workshop, a private appointment on wednesday, and a peddlers fair on saturday. that’s where i cut up all the scarves and silks that haven’t sold and have been passed over this past year into cutter pieces-put them out there for other uses and clear the decks. in between, just the usual dyeing and photography.

sorry, no photos again today- just not in the mood.

15 thoughts on “more wondering…and wandering

  1. jude

    geez. i am up to my ears is bullshit experiences… i think you are lucky to have kept your eye for innocence, just to trust in the making and let all this “shit” keep you from going on….
    can’t wait for the article…..


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      that is truly the challenge isn’t it? exposing yourself enough to get the job done, yet keep your sanity and stay focused on the work despite the bs.
      i can usually keep it together better.
      the eye for innocence and trust part is the way out of the darkness.


  2. elisvermeulen

    your post made me smile, so nice to learn more about yourself , but also smiled out of sympathy and recognision. some days..
    hope all will be well soon.


  3. shiborigirl Post author

    the good news is that the company using my images removed shibori as a page entirely. first they deleted the comment option for the whole blog and then deleted the page so the link above no longer works.
    1 down 100,000 to go perhaps!

    an email sent to wordpress support yielded a short reply from them:

    “there’s nothing we can do”

    fortunately, there was no need but i was surprised at the reply.


  4. deemallon

    Hi Glennis, when my mother taught art history, she broke artists down into male artists, female artists and child-like artists (not based on chromosomes, but style)… at the time (it was the 70’s) I got boiling mad at the stereotypes required to populate a model like this… but! years go by, and our mothers seem wiser and wiser, don’t they? and guess what? the idea that the child-like artists were the ones who could move in and out of genius because of their willingness to enter the process, strikes me as very wise indeed. so! how wonderful that your intuitive curiosity survived whatever ‘very serious history’ was visited upon you!
    hope next days flow with a little more ease!


    1. glennis

      yes, they do. perhaps my kids will think so too, one day! i’ve never used history as a crutch (for me it turned into a tonic!) but the older i get the more value i find in it as an explanation for “why?”. and from a distance, i’ve come to know that all the bs, while having it’s down side has a positive side too and has led me to today- where i can understand it better and appreciate the path that led me here right in the now. since i’ve traveled this road, and kind of know the way, perhaps my flashlight can illuminate the way for a few more who are able to see their way to a better, saner place in a sometimes crazy world. through art and craft-


      1. deemallon

        I don’t have the prettiest history, either, and maybe my stance now is only possible b/c I spent so many years pulling it apart and breathing through the terror, but I now look at it (my past) as a kind of fiction. I can’t quite explain this yet, but there it is.

        And, yes, of course, who we are depends on where we’ve been.



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