i recently posted this photo to my flickr page. one of the comments struck me as something i thought i wanted to comment on. it was, “what a lot of work”.
yes, i guess it was but really in my eyes it was really more about the time it took me to get to the place where i could actually accomplish this piece. the actual time the piece itself took to make doesn’t seem to be the point for me. it’s really about all the pieces i made along the way. and the experiences i had to get to this point.

26 thoughts on “time

  1. whereishenow

    i must go to the dead here (gratefully) and say (rather sing) “what a long strange trip it’s been”…

    because we all know it’s not getting there that’s important…. it’s the road we took to get there…

    it’s beautiful!!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yes. often when i teach a workshop in shibori techniques i will be asked, “if i take this class will i be able to make what you are making?” . the answer to this question is- it all depends on you.


  2. jennlui

    ooohhh i love this reflection, how it’s not really about the piece at hand but the journey along the way to this point. because the journey can be much more work and an evolution over time.

    thank you for this beautiful thought. i find this comforting, in the way that what we do is truly a reflection of our journey and nothing is forgotten along the path.


  3. helen

    Reminds me of that old story of an artist (don’t remember which) where he takes five minutes and does this picture and the person says they don’t want to pay as much as he was asking because it only took 5 minutes and he said but it took me years to get to this point. (or whatever) I’m sure you get the jest of it. It’s always the journey, and especially enjoying each and every long step it may take, putting your true heart and soul into what you do. All this makes it not seem like “alot of work”. I LOVE this piece, it’s worth every step!!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      often at a show where i am selling my work i am asked the age old question asked of many craft artisans before me- “how long does it take to make one?”
      we often struggle to answer this question respectfully but honestly. sometimes i want to answer with this question- do you mean how long has it taken me to get to the point where i have enough experience with the materials to produce such an effect or are you asking me how much i make an hour? (a question we would never think of asking someone if they worked in most any other profession)
      fortunately, there are enough people out there that understand the underlying effort and when they ask such questions want to hear the answer to the first question.


  4. shiborigirl Post author

    this was actually a custom requested shibori pocket square. i’m going to make a few more and put them in the shop- this was my first one and it was really quite nice. a great little accessory.


  5. grace Forrest~Maestas

    received the penny moons, the beach wrack ~
    which was beyond what I’d imagined…the colors
    are just magnificant and I will now have to get
    over the anxiety of USING it…hoping Jude’s
    workshop will help me with that.
    And as I look at them, I really know that though
    I love learning the process, it is enough for me
    to work with YOUR dye creations. Taking the
    Shibori workshop was wonder Full to gain a
    full appreciation of your devotion.
    Thank you for all, ongoing…..


        1. grace Forrest~Maestas

          i don’t know if you can find this…
          windthread.blogspot.com????? all very
          new to me, but
          it is the small piece that carries the little
          goat soul over the river stix….it’s not
          finished, but I spent the day trying to
          see how it could be and suddenly, beach
          wrack was perfect* and just a small piece
          that a baby goat would love
          *and there was no hesitation
          thanks more, g


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