17 blue moons young

yep. it’s my birthday today. thanks for all the wishes coming in from everywhere. it is a time to celebrate- to be thankful for all i have. and a special time to thank my mom without whom this day simply would not be possible (and thanks to dad too although he is only here in mind , not body these days).

going out later for some delish cuban food in LA. spend the bulk of the day working with and on my online class. some great fun and lots of forum activity which is great to see.
finished lesson 2 and working on the video for that now. have a kitty in my lap as i write this. you’ll see him in the vid below. he has a home now but jeeze people- what is with abandoning animals like this? stop it. now.

jude is making some great stuff and including many moons. moons will soon be available on the etsy site. actually, i have three more bookmarks i am going to put up just as soon as i finish this post. bet they won’t be there too long. moons suitable for stitching will be up by monday, next. i like her way of aging via moons. decided to count mine up and found that i am officially 17 blue moons young.
sounds about right.

took a day last week to the LA arboretum to specifically see the african aloe at its peak bloom. fantastic!

i don’t think i’ve ever seen it at it’s peak. such a mass of color and form. lots of inspiration and a nice mental break.

and then there were the japanese magnolias-aka “tulip trees”

and just couldn’t resist the buds- spring comes early to southern california

there are a few more photos in this flickr set.
made a little teaser video while i was doing the vids for this weeks online class. this is just done with the isight camera on my mac. nothin’ fancy. the online class vids are done with the video camera.
hard to go wrong with indigo and a kitten though. going to do an indigo video soon i think. collecting footage now. need more time!

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