refreshing love

it was a glorious day in socal yesterday. the sun was out, green has replaced brown in many places thanks to nature’s bountiful recent rains, and we took a drive to one of our favorite socal spots to take in all we have to be thankful for-not the least of which is, each other.
i’m not sure i’m ever happier than when i am near a coastline-maybe it’s the pisces in me-hearing the ocean sounds- or maybe it’s just the ability to let my mind and spirit roam freely across an ocean where everything seems possible.
thought i’d share the love-

4 thoughts on “refreshing love

  1. Darlene

    Beautiful photos! I live a couple of blocks from Lake Superior, so any time the weather is half-way decent, I’m out walking on the beach. It’s a lot colder here, though, although it’s pretty in a different way. Believe it or not, we have surfers here, too! They usually surf during fall and winter storms because that’s when we have “big” waves.

    Are the kitties yours, or do they live on the beach?



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