8 thoughts on “Shibori online class video

  1. nancy

    oh… very nice. i am excited about the class… but what about the forum where we get our secret password? i don’t know about the forum… how can i get there?
    having trouble finding some of the supplies on joggles… i have heard about treenway silks for the ribbons.. will try there. and a fabric store for the other silks. the nice thing is that we can access this when ever we want to so not having the right silk at the moment won’t be a problem!!! brilliant!!!!
    thanks so much for doing this.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    You should receive your first lesson tomorrow with instructions for using the forums via email. I will be posting the password for the video page in the forums. There isn’t anything there yet, but stay tuned…


  3. Pippa

    Hi I have only just stumbled across this. I’d love to watch some more of your videos. Do you have more?
    I just love the work you are producing it’s inspiring!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      i release them now and then- the online videos on this page are from paid online classes i run from time to time…
      check or subscribe to my youtube page for free vids.



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