a heart in the right place

I know many of you remember the Wendy from my new years blog post. Today, the new issue of Hand Eye features a full article on Wendy Golden-Levitt’s therapy work with children utilizing textiles. She facilitates the process through a rare sensitivity to the child’s needs allowing for textiles to help channel the stories the children have to tell. Here is a recent photo she sent me of another child with the “magic talking stick” – a drumstick with a tail of silk shibori ribbon attached. Such a simple pleasure.

Over the past year that I have communicated and shared my work with Wendy a simple email from her telling me a story of how a piece of ribbon or scrap of silk or indigo helped a child tell a story inspires me endlessly. This article has really got me going today.
Plus, I am happy to report that all the cats have been located and none of them were blue. Must have been the wind we had that “blew” the lid off the indigo vat and not one of the cats falling in…phew! The lid has been secured and PETA does not have to cite me for unethically dyeing a cat indigo blue!

10 thoughts on “a heart in the right place

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      her work is so inspiring and unique. i am taking a training tomorrow night with CoachArt in LA. a group that matches up kids with special needs to artists. i think it’s a start of something.



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