a little moondancing

after spending way too much time on paperwork today i finally made my way out to the studio as the sun was going down. it is the first full moon of the year and as such also known as a wolf moon. in addition it seemed brighter than usual so i looked it up online and see that this will be the brightest moon of 2010 due to its closer than normal proximity to earth. interesting.
time for a little indigo moondance.
i was gifted a lovely assortment of vintage fabrics from my friend donna who is trying to cull her collection of such things down to a manageable amount so i got to pick out some things i thought might make friends with the indigo. i started out just test dyeing some various scraps and progressed to a few more indigo moons.
i’m really enjoying the process of working with some of these older textiles. they are mostly cottons and linens with a few silks. i’m learning a lot about how different weaves and fibers work with the indigo. more interesting stuff.

i’ve had boro on my mind lately with all these indigo scraps and ordered “the book” that everyone is getting. i’m starting to amass my own little indigo boro-esque fabric collection right here. got some ideas a-brewing…

indigo rags (sorry for the crummy photo-it's from my iphone)

16 thoughts on “a little moondancing

  1. Tammie

    It has been too long since I have visited! I saw another shiborigirl blog over at blogger and thought it was you with an entirely new look. But then I looked you up. How can there be two S.girls? Anyway:
    Your blue indigo art is gorgeous and I love the moons.
    When I was little my mom told me about indigo and the beetles the dye comes from. I was amazed. Sure is a nice blue.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      the “other” shiborigirl is kate- we’ve become friends after discovering each other online. we admire each others work- she currently is making jewelry and used my ribbon to great effect in some of her work. how great is that? you must be thinking of cochineal- which comes from beetles. indigo comes from the leaves of the indigo plant.
      glad you re-found me!


  2. Darlene

    Beautiful fabric collection! I love blue anyway. And this is gorgeous. Moondancing describes it perfectly.

    I noticed the moon was really bright last night, but I thought it was because it was so cold that all the moisture in the air was frozen. I didn’t know the moon was closer than it usually is. And I didn’t know that the first full moon of the year is called a “wolf moon.”


  3. Melly

    I found “The Book” yesterday… Will go purchase it. Must. I love what you are doing here Glenny. I love old textiles, the hand, your moon looks great in the mix too.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      funny this should come up right now- i just came across a note my mother wrote when i was 2 days old explaining to my grandparents that they had chosen my name, glennis, because they wanted something unusual. as such, glennis being a name one does not often hear, it has been mangled, mispelled, shortened and forgotten so many times over the past 50 years. when i was in the first grade my teacher insisted my name was gladys the whole year until when my stepmother found out i never corrected her, she insisted i march in the very next day and reclaim my name. being more of the shy type i dreaded the next morning and went to school with a knot in my stomach. when the kids went out for recess i lagged behind. Mrs. Bettis (i still remember her name!) listened and sweetly apologized, telling me i should have spoken up sooner, gave me a hug and sent me out to the playground. since then, i have never allowed my name to be shortened or “cutened up” in memory of all those ladies who insisted i just be me- glennis.


  4. Jeannie

    I think I have the drool under control now so I can type. The indigo fabrics are beautiful. I received indigo supplies for Christmas and I am itching for it to warm up so I can go experiment. Thanks so much for sharing!



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