a shibori picture show

Just thought I’d post a link to the top 50 flickr photos in slideshow format.
These are the top 50 photos from my almost 1500 photos I’ve loaded up to flickr- automatically generated as viewed by flickr viewers.
(click here)

kinda fun to see what’s “popular”. not all are my favorites but there are many i am quite fond of- for various reasons. for me, there are memories and lessons attached to most of them. it’s quite apparent that people like flowers and jewelry.
but i’m pleased to see the indigo moon rise quickly to the top 50. i am working on more. it takes time. enjoy the photos. you might want to poke around in some of my individual photo sets while you’re at it.
And if you are are already signed up for my upcoming shibori class you might want to start collecting some of the following materials:



dye and water containers and applicators

9 thoughts on “a shibori picture show

  1. nancy

    hey… just signed up for the class… i’m really looking forward to it. i have never taken an online class before. i have a mac… hope its not a pc only class? i do have some experience with dying and a little with shibori. what are the items in the photo… some things are obvious like the clothes pins but some i can’t identify. this is going to be so much fun!! can’t wait!


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    haha Dar. dye junkies

    nancy- the resist photo shows some of the things you can collect from around the house that can be used for shibori which include and are definitely NOT limited by what is pictured:
    -strong string
    -knitting needles
    -plastic discs(pairs)
    -wood shapes (pairs)
    -wine bottle(drink wine first! (or during))
    -ceramic tiles(pairs)
    -pvc pipe
    -a rock
    the kitchen sink(your imagination)

    it’s lookin’ good-can’t wait!


  3. katherine baldwin

    Thanks for this info. I recently emailed you, worried I would not get the supplies in time. I have most of these except for Colorhue dyes(will order) and some of the clamps. I even have pvc pipe already! I have been reading about shibori for some months but not trying it except with some Setacolor paints using sun printing and cord to tie up shirts.

    This is going to be fun. I will download Skype.


  4. nancy

    in this class are you going to show us how to make the pleated shibori? is there some way to make the pleats more permanent?


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      Hi Nancy-
      the basics of arashi shibori (polewrapping) will be covered and i will talk about the steaming process, which is required in order to form the pleats. the class will also cover many other forms of shibori and should be considered a jumping off point for further exploration of the vast array of shibori techniques.



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