more indigo practice

First, a little business and a reminder that my new class at Joggles starts Feb. 18. If you are signed up for the class, you will receive a supply list email one week prior ( Feb.11). I’m considering trying out a few new interactive ideas with this class. What if once a week for the five weeks I set aside an additional 30-45 minutes to take a few 5-10 minute Skype calls from students? We could make appointments through the forums. I don’t know- it could be fun. Kind of like the teacher having office hours. You could show me your work and ask me questions via video conference. Of course this assumes your computer has isight or a camera.
Just a thought. Well, I simply have way too much to do right now but wanted to remind you about the class- go ahead, sign up and learn some techniques for creating some beautiful silk fabrics with Colorhue dyes. Colorhue is simple to use but does have it’s limitations in regards to making certain colors. The techniques you will learn can be applied to any dyeset of your choice.

I’ll leave you with some indigo I worked on today. All of this is already spoken for but in time there will be more posted in the etsy shop.

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