slow cloth and beyond

I’m going to defer to jude and her post today on slow cloth since as usual, she says it so well. if you think you ascribe to these ideals and believe you can learn from or add to the conversation, please join in.

if i wasn’t so beat i would be working on some slow(er) cloth but since i spent today processing ribbon i am giving myself a break and doing a quick blog post. i have a few things that i’d like to make note of and instead of too many words i offer you some visuals in the form of a slideshow:

so here you see some of the recent outcomes from the studio and ribbon i am preparing for the show next week. also are a couple of small works in indigo using some vintage ossenberg (sp?) cotton i acquired from my friend donna. it loves the indigo. today i was in need of some bookmarks so i decided to make these. i have been studying a book on loan from Japan on Ichiku Kubota. that’s him in the photo. this afternoon i heard the UPS truck stop out front and i knew he must be here to deliver my copy of “The Poetry of Place”, the book compiling much of Charles Burchfield’s 75 journals he kept over his lifetime. after visiting the show at the Hammer twice and deciding i really wanted to own this book i found that it had appreciated in price beyond my budget. i persisted and deep down on a google search i found a bookseller in NY with a copy for $65- still a bit of money but after seeing the book go from $85 to over $500 i felt fortunate to find it- apparently only 3000 copies were printed. our city library system didn’t even have a copy. when i unwrapped it and opened it up i found the pictured inscription written by the editor to a fellow who contributed some family archival materials to the project. kinda cool. i kept going back to read a page or two off and on all day. this one entry really spoke to me today:

December 25, 1914

…People invariably love the artificial more than the natural. They respect superficiality more than deeper feelings. Most are content with a paper rose. Most buy their perfume in bottles. Rather than real friendship, they are content with superficial expression. They do not care if their acquaintances are sincere, as long as they pretend to be. I would rather have ten sincere enemies than a hundred palaverers.
So I go to Nature when I want sincerity. In nature we not only find sincerity but also innocence. And when, on all sides I am beset with palaver and artifice, I feel the need of drawing a long breath, I ramble the fields.

10 thoughts on “slow cloth and beyond

  1. jude

    oh, i feel so at peace reading that.

    isn’t it funny how we don’t realize how unaware we are of the things that keep us from connecting with the real things that can make us happy? is’ got to be education.
    ‘tell the children the truth’, bob marley i think. ha!

    i checked that book online and saw such high prices, wow, what a find…..


  2. judy martin

    Thank you for that beautiful quote and for introducing me to The Poetry of Place and Charles
    Burchfield. I am in love already.

    I’ve been reading The Poetics of Space by Bachelard for about five years because it is so nurturing.

    Thank you for raising the bar for all of us as we take more time, more thought, more true-ness in our textile art.


  3. emprint

    I’ve owned an Ichiku Kubota book for many years and every time I pull it out to ponder I am so inspired. In fact I’ll pull it right now. If he could paint such beautiful memories of Siberia surely I can make some small offering in our beastly fridgid weather. Have just discovered your web presence and am in love with all your shibori dyeing. Especially the indigo and the little indigo bag with the moon and ribbon.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      melly- yes, the burchfield book is an amazing journey of a very interesting artist. we are fortunate he was such a good writer and documenter of his journey as an artist.


  4. Cathy

    Yours is the first blog I’ve ever really followed much… Thank You for your insight and so generously sharing yourself


  5. velma

    wonderful quote. all those hours spent looking at work in the old burchfield center engendered in me a love of wild (water)color. i was young, i had no idea, but i kept looking.



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