studio day

much of what i make is only of passing value. in fact i would really say most if not all. each piece is just one step further down a path. i have no idea where it leads. i just know that whatever materials are placed before me i will make something with them.

since early november when i returned from Houston i have had that piece of hand woven pre ww2 linen i bought hanging on my wall. each day i see it and contemplate the infinite possibilities. as i dye, stitch, and work today i further ponder it’s fate. i want to live up to it’s expectations. not disappoint it’s heritage.
sounds silly i know. it is, after all, only cloth.

6 thoughts on “studio day

    1. shiborigirl Post author

      this cloth does have it’s own spirit for sure. it’s been whispering to me it’s desires from the corner of the room for some time now. i most definitely heard it say indigo (actually it said indigo the first time i saw it in Houston) but most recently it has said “balance” which is a theme i am working with at the moment.


  1. Connie Rose

    Oh no, it’s not just cloth, it is a living thing with a history. Speaking of lovely linen cloth, before I stopped weaving, I wove a bunch of plain white pieces in various fiber combos — silk & linen, linen & rayon, etc. So I have this wonderful stack of handwoven cloth that I don’t know if I’ll ever use, it’s too precious to me. And interestingly, after years of weaving, the fabrics I produced that I love the most are the plain woven ones in natural, unbleached fibers!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      this piece of linen is most certainly one of the best pieces of cloth i have ever owned. well, i say “owned” as if it is really mine….i think it rather owns me, at least temporarily.


  2. juno

    Hi glennisd!
    I have been having a lovely time exploring your site and enjoying your youtube videos.
    When I read of your copyright issues, I thought you might be interested in this free service

    I use it all the time on my wordpress blogs (I design digital art for scrapbooking and scripture cards) and find it very effective as an added deterrent. Worse case scenario, you have a legally establishable dated record of your original artwork in the event of a dispute.

    Hope this helps!

    Juno’s Place
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  3. shiborigirl Post author

    thank you juno.
    ya know, while i appreciate the copyright info i have turned my mind from these sorts of things lately. i don’t have the time or energy for disputes. they drain me of my creative force.
    i am focusing on moving forward. while not wanting to be naive, i know what it takes to be a creative careerist, making by hand to support myself and some issues just need to be moved aside in order to keep moving forward.
    that’s just how i see it at the moment…



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