best intentions-clearing away distractions

ya know, some days just don’t go the way you expect. i actually have spent an inordinate amount of time writing, reading and responding to emails today. the blog post i was preparing is very disjointed and rambling due to numerous interruptions in my day (not complaining-too much) and simply not fit to post at the moment. thoughts are gathering and rearranging themselves in my mind hopefully to reach some clarity tomorrow which was actually supposed to be a studio day (and still is!). thankfully, stitching is beginning on some cloth for the indigo vat. not having enough studio/making time lately is making me a bit edgy. in fact, it occurs to me that despite the fact that the money is very welcome and needed i think i may close the etsy shop until after the first of the year-it’s a distraction at a time when i need to gather my energies and focus.
really, i need three full days in the studio uninterrupted in order to make a dent in things. a small dent. will post pics and fewer words (i think).
so there you have it, my blog post today with 12 minuted to spare!

2 thoughts on “best intentions-clearing away distractions

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