year end thinking


Hard to believe. The year is almost over and a new year begins.

Sorry Dear Readers, I have neglected you terribly as of late. I have my reasons.

As I look back over the year and re-assess my intentions, trying to see if I stayed true to them and how to find my path once again I do know this:

-that my purpose in this life as a person who makes things by hand to sell, is as much to serve as it is to sell or take from those who cross my path.

window shopping in San Fran-Cheese PLUS!

Be it student or customer, casual observer or occasional window shopper, these two purposes, to make and sell and to serve (be it through blogging, teaching, sharing, or whatever) feel a bit unbalanced to me in these past two months. Albeit these months are “prime time” for those of us who make a living selling what we make, but still the unbalance remains to be dealt with and now in these last few days of 2009 I feel it more deeply.

A desire to tare the weight and make the adjustment is upon me.
-and so it begins…

There are some stories to tell and insights to share. Some will bring tears and others will amaze- and they all have fiber in common. I will be posting daily through the blue moon and trying to clean up the blog a bit.

I am also preparing some pieces for the indigo vat. Some trials, some tests, one can hope, something a bit more. Only the blue moon will know for sure.

2 thoughts on “year end thinking

  1. Suzanne Morgan

    Hi Glennis,

    I so appreciate your work and your thoughts about your purpose being to serve. I understand how it gets hard sometimes to sort through it all. I love your shibori – thanks for having the focus and for doing what you do!




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