Play it Again, Sam

Well, it’s back to SF on Thursday. Today I was ironing (silk artists know this job well) with the TV on TMC and I caught an early interview of Woody Allen by Dick Cavett. The interview took place following the release of his film “Take the Money and Run”. I have been a Dick Cavett fan from way back and have seen just about every Woody Allen film made. Seeing the two together was unique. Woody Allen’s film “Play it Again Sam” was originally meant to be filmed in NYC but was but moved to San Francisco when New York film workers went on strike in the summer of 1971. Which leads me to why I am connecting the two…

That is where I am headed again on Thursday to do the show at Fort Mason- Celebration of Craftswomen.
The Celebration of Craftswomen is San Francisco’s largest holiday fine crafts retail fair, and the largest event celebrating the craft of women in the nation. The event is sponsored by and is a benefit for The Women’s Building, a community service center serving women and girls in San Francisco.

This is kind of a big deal. This is a juried show and from what I understand, a very good one. Begun in 1979, the show had only 22 artists. The show has expanded and moved locations several times before settling in it’s current location at Ft Mason. Since its inception, the Celebration of Craftswomen has been a benefit for The Women’s Building, a multi-cultural community center where women and girls achieve self-sufficiency and pursue their dreams. I’m looking forward to participating and learning more about their programs and to gaining a new audience for my work.

In other studio news, I have been basically working like crazy. Making some new and exciting discoveries as I furiously make inventory for the show. Now, I can’t wait to get back and implement some of my new ideas- isn’t that always the way?

While I’ve been madly making pleated scarves, one of my sons has been sewing beads on feathered tips. I’m proud to say he’s quite adept with a needle in hand- guess it comes with the territory of being my kid. He was spinning, knitting, weaving and quilting since grade school. He really only does music these days but when his car needs work and scarves need beads we work a deal.
The photos here are some of yesterday’s work-sans beads- they were sewn on after I took the photos. The recent full moon provided a lovely sky under which to work my color magic. A warm moonlit night, the scarves were dry by morning.

2 thoughts on “Play it Again, Sam

  1. jude

    well, good to hear from you, you busy bee, sounds like a great show, the colors are heavenly (moonstruck perhaps)
    and quite a moon it was… happy holidays in case i lose track of time.


  2. Jesse Lu

    Oh my, I am so glad I came across your blog. I am an Art Education student at San Francisco State University and am taking my first textiles class this semester. We just finished our dying module where we learned, among other things, Arashi Shibori. I am so inspired by your work and can’t wait to read through your whole blog. I plan on ordering some silk ribbon right away to try out some of those gorgeous flowers in our open studio hours…. Thank you, thank you. Plus, your Elementary Art Explorations blog is also so inspiring to me as someone who furiously hopes to teach art to children one day soon.

    Thank you.



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