Houston Quilt Festival

Wow! What a week- although it’s been more than two since I last posted here.

I won’t belabor the issue but will say the show was a great success on various levels.
Some of the highlights included:

My shibori techniques workshop was a pleasure- overfilled actually and although the main complaint seemed to be that the room was too cold – I was too busy and didn’t even notice it! The other complaint I heard from a couple of gals was that it was hard to follow some of the demos I was doing while they were stitching up their makinui, makiage, and orinui samples. I wanted them to get in as much as possible in their 3 hours and so was demo-ing up front and walking around with samples as I dyed them to get more ideas in front of them for the next stage of the workshop. 3 hours is an awfully short time to cover shibori but my idea is to expose the participants to a variety of possibilities and let them take it from there. In general though everyone was very pleased and many of them came down to visit me in the booth to tell me how much they enjoyed the class and how accessible I had made shibori dying. Perfect!
I will work on making it even better next time.

Despite getting stuck on the 59 North coming in to the show on Thursday (a 20 minute drive turned into an hour and 10 minutes due to a major accident) I arrived for my lecture a mere 10 minutes before it was to start. Yikes! And the wrong equipment had been delivered for the slideshow- the attendant quickly rectified that ( Quilts Inc Ed staff is fantastic!) and I spread my samples out and started talking. Phew! I felt a bit scattered but was told it didn’t show- you know me, I can talk quite a while about shibori… but what I really wanted to get across was the idea that we have so much to learn from traditional crafts people that can be translated into our contemporary works and that although it takes a bit of effort to make these connections with international artisans it is so much easier now with the internet and all that we have access to these days. Of course I shared many stories of the trip to Japan and the artisans we met – the hour was almost up before we got to the slideshow. I have more I would like to do with this topic and am letting it brew and steep in my mind….

Many thanks to Katrina for covering my booth that morning while I made my way down after the lecture and also while I dashed off to do a “meet the teachers ” presentation on the show floor for 30 minutes that same morning.
(thanks Katrina!!)

Another highlight was that I got to meet my FB friend Elaine Lipson! Now how fun is that? She is a writer and book editor for Interweave Press and the instigator of Slow Cloth- having come out of the natural foods industry and writing on the slow foods movement there. You might know her as the writer behind her blog, Red Thread Studio. We had a great dinner at one of my regular Houston stops The Black Labrador and were able to include Katrina Walker (who teaches sewing with silk) and my friend Jennifer from Atlanta who is known for globe trotting in search of fabulous textiles and trims. Quite an inspired evening!

We also had a little “mini-reunion” of our Japan tour group. There were 7 of us attending the show and what fun to see their faces again! Shouting out here to June, Maggie, Brenda , Mary Alice (and crew), Helen, & Katrina- let’s do it again sometime!!

I know this is turning into a rather long post but here I sit Saturday morning with HEAPS of work ahead of me (thank goodness!) and the possibility of getting back to do another post over the next week rather dim. So this may be it for a while and before these thoughts fade into the past I best get them out now.

Crazy quilters are getting into the action with my ribbons and Barbara from Roses on the Water made some lovely things with the shibori ribbon she picked up at the show. Crazy Quilters Online Magazine will also feature an article on my ribbon and shibori work in the next issue (online only) that comes out tomorrow or Monday I’m told. Thanks Julie!
One of my favorite crazy quilt teachers, Julie Craig, is also carrying the ribbon in her shop- Attic Heirlooms. She doesn’t have a website but is located in Wichita KS at:

2129 S Lark CT
Wichita, KS 67209-1252(Wichita, KS Metro Area)
Phone: (316) 265-4646

I also made a little “splurge” purchase at Carola Pfau’s textile booth which was all too conveniently located a mere 3 booths away down the aisle. She has some delicious hand spun and hand woven linen (eastern european and pre WW2). It’s about 22″ wide and I bought a 2 yard piece to do an indigo wall panel- hope I don’t mess it up! It should suck up that indigo like crazy!
I also bought a nice little haori that had an intriguing shibori pattern in indigo on it. All creamy silk jacquard with a touch of indigo makiage motifs capped off from the ground fabric. The makiage motifs even have some kanoko designs in the centers. I love makiage and its possibilities!

I included the label image which is from the Daimaru Kyoto “depato” . It has a rich history and actually started off as a kimono textile and dry goods shop in 1717. The Japanese have a long history of retailing and they are famous for their department stores.
According to one online source:
“Daimaru is one of the most eminent department stores in Japan. Osaka has two branches of this department store; one is in; Shinsaibashi and another one is in Namba.The history of Daimaru traces back to O-Mojiya, a dry goods story in Kyoto which was established by Shimomura Hikoemon Masahiro in 1717.The name ‘Daimaru’ was first used to name to store in Nagoya called Daimaruya and it was inaugurated in 1728. Daimaru was the greatest retailer in Japan for many years in the 1960s.”
I have no idea of the age of this piece but it must be fairly recent (mid 1940’s-1970’s).
I could keep going but must get to work now- the musicians are all out touring and I have the place to myself for the week!!

Upcoming events are posted on my Facebook fan page too- join up if you like! Click on the “events” tab at the top.

Forgot to mention- the quilt exhibits were great too- you can see some of them here. For video tours of the show- go here!

2 thoughts on “Houston Quilt Festival

  1. shibori girl

    Congrats on such a successful show. The Houston Quilt Show is one I’ve always wanted to see – maybe next year.

    I still have some white 14.5 mm charmeuse available if you are interested. Let me know…


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    thanks Kate- will get back to you on that. when i catch up with all i have on my plate at the moment i have a desire to do something with some charmeuse.
    14.5 sounds about perfect.



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