indigo moonlight

Making up a few new samples for the Houston show (booth 728!-come see me!)-

Yesterday on facebook I asked for some color selections and two people spoke right up. One was Louise Green from Louise Green Millinery and the other was Jude from Spirit Cloth.

Louise suggested chestnut brown to go with my olive, burgundy for the black, and gunmetal with the ecru. The brown could have been darker as could have the gunmetal (it’s more of a pewter) but they both are very nice. The black and burgundy is great but I think my favorite was the simple discharged olive with no over dye. Will get photos tomorrow but in the meantime, I did photograph Jude’s suggestion of indigo over the gold. I revived the vat one last time before I leave and here is a little slideshow of the process. I did 6 dips with a good rinsing between each after letting the indigo oxidize completely. You will see a photo of the unoxidized (looks greenish) pole and then one of it when it was done oxidizing (bluer).
Just got done steaming it so it won’t be unwrapped until tomorrow. It’s 10 pm here and I just finished cleaning up out in the outdoor studio under clear skies and moonlight.
This is sure be a special color when it comes off the pole tomorrow!

6 thoughts on “indigo moonlight

  1. Mandi

    So pretty! I am so excited because I am actually going to be able to go (just for the day)!!! You are first on my list of booths to visit on Thursday (that way I can be sure I get to choose before anything is sold out). Yay!!!!



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