every inch an adventure

inching along...

inching along...

You might say that could be me in the photo above, inching along in my preparation for Houston show. I am making progress but at the same time so much to do! I have dyed up so much lovely ribbon but darn if people don’t just keep ordering the stuff! I’m gonna be setting a cutoff date soon on when I will stop shipping. Probably by Monday the 5th- be advised! Won’t ship again until after the 20th of October.

As I was working these past few days I started thinking (uh-oh..) about my product and what exactly it is I am selling. Yes, of course I am selling silk shibori ribbon (speaking only about the ribbon now) but what is the ribbon really? One silky yard of lovely color, pleated, undulating cool silk made with the spit of a worm. It represents perhaps the promise of something beautifully crafted by hand, some free time to create, a gift, a challenge, a little piece of something to inspire. It’s a little piece of me too, in a way. A piece of my story, my persistence,
my desire to make and to create. My desire to spread that and infect more people to take a little adventure into creativity. I’ve become an adventure capitalist! So come on among- join the adventure. Come on by and see me in Houston at the International Quilt Festival (Oct.13-18) in booth 728 where every inch is an adventure!

My shibori workshop has been sold out for some time (as have many of the Silk Experience workshops-look for a surge in sewing with silk!) but I have an open lecture on Thursday morning -come on by! (New shibori workshop scheduled in LA at the Japanese American National Museum March 27, 2010-contact JAMN for info-limited to 25.)
Back to it- getting ready to ship my booth stuff…

7 thoughts on “every inch an adventure

  1. ever jeanne

    reminds me that i have to get my holiday gift list together and to you. one of my favorite adventures is thinking about what, exactly, it is i am selling/doing/searching for. good, chewy question to ask frequently, i say.


  2. shiborigirl Post author

    i trust you will one day jude- it’s a happy place. how could it not be? fabric, needles, thread of every type and loads of very happy (mostly)female people. ya can’t go wrong!
    and jeanne- yes, revisiting that question periodically is a good thing for me too.


  3. whereishenow

    i have a piece of you…. and it’s just about cool enough here to tie it around my neck…..woven from spit, kissed by the sky, wrapped around my soul…..

    hey jude… let’s you and i meet up some day at a quilt festival…. we’ll surprise glennis!!! i would bet we could get some pretty decent nachos and margaritas in Houston!!!



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