on profit motive

Really, if you think about it, everything we do has a profit motive behind it. Really.
I’ve been taking an economics course of sorts online and it has been sinking into every step I take, in and out of the studio. Take the above for example, for some time now every time i needed to make up some more stock dye solution, I was frustrated with the fact that the color names were only printed on the face of the jars in small type. I was continually sorting through them to find the right one. So FINALLY, as a matter of convenience-or so I thought- I decided to relabel the tops in order to quickly find the correct container. My motivation? To save time and my sanity mainly. But saving time in the studio is saving money as well. Inadvertently, I discovered by not having things clearly labeled, I had ordered dye that I thought I was out of on my last order. More potential to improve profits. Every time I am motivated to action I find myself questioning my “profit” motive. Whether it is a profit of financial gain or otherwise we are all motivated to action based on what we will gain from that action. I am taking this into account more and practicing the noticing of profit/return on my actions and their corresponding motivations.
Meanwhile, in other places fall and even winter (CO-news pics of snowstorms!) are being experienced, here today we will have 100 degree weather most of the week they say- silk drying weather for sure-as soon as the morning marine layer here along the coast burns off.
Yesterday, while playing with shadows and thinking of Wendy, I made something I think one of her kids will enjoy- and shipped it off in a box full of large colorful scrap silks-a box filled with possibilities and imagination!
silk painting,shiborigirlMotivation? Profit? I was actually sorting through some of my cast aside silks with quilters in mind while having fun painting and sculpting in silk-when I thought -“hey-this is so much fun i think i’ll send some to wendy for the kids to play with!”. The rest of them i’m going to sort up and put on my etsy site for cheap and buy more silk with the proceeds.
Be on the lookout-

12 thoughts on “on profit motive

  1. Kimberly

    Yep dh and took a farm to market business class last year and the guilt of making a profit no longer exists, and he’s not riding me to make one anymore now that he understands that I AM concerned about these sorts of things – two different ways of thinking here. I have to make a profit because the cost of my materials are ALWAYS on the increase and then there’s the need for further education, travel expenses, marketing expenses, and then there’s the pesky little problem of keeping a roof over my head. Interesting no one ever tells a resturaunt owner that it’s bad to make a profit, I only hear this kind of thing in the company of artists, artisans, and crafters.


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      maggie- all this talk of profit, you’d think i’d make it easier to find my etsy site-
      go here:

      and kimberly- responded to you on FB-didn’t realize the comment was here…

      thanks-just goes to illustrate my FB status!

      jude-yes-balancing everything light, shadow etc.
      cat picture coming soon


  2. shibori girl

    Great job with organizing – I remember that frustration with dye labels. I used to write on the tops the color and the date I bought them. This after trying to dye something with ancient powder. Nothing more frustrating that watching all the color wash out in the rinse!

    All these little steps, saved energy (and time), mean you have more time to create. 🙂


  3. candiedfabrics

    Time is money! My mantra, which is simple, but helps keeps me on track! I too finally figured out the labelling the tops of dye jars a eyar ago (I bought a paint pen and left it in the box, so if I needed to label something and had gloves on, I could do it without driving myself insane! Or, taking off the gloves…)


  4. velma

    glennis, the thing they should have made us do in art school is to take a practical accounting/economics class so we could GET this stuff. i thought my financial man could help me, but he set me up with a 16 page spread sheet thingie that made NO sense to me. sigh. labels, now, i see the sense in them!


    1. shiborigirl Post author

      yes, they should have told the truth. all that craziness about getting your portfolio together and having a show… fortunately i had the reality of the rent to consider and learned much more that way.


      1. shiborigirl Post author

        but maybe i should add that likely we were taught by folks who never had the need or experience of making a daily living off what they created so they really just didn’t KNOW the truth. they were teaching to pay the rent/bills

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